Briatore dignity denies return: “I still need some time to think”, says estranged sense of ex-team principal’s pride and self-esteem

The Imaginarium of Milan Kundera: The dignity of the no-longer-disgraced-but-still-ex-head of the Renault F1 team, Flavio Briatore has been accused of speaking untruths following the Italian’s acquittal in a French court of being charged in the right way about something bad he’d definitely done.

Famously banged up like a kipper by the FIA late last year for sabotaging the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, Briatore’s legal victory has been hailed as a triumph by the deflated rugby ball-faced loon but his affirmations of self-respect have instead, only gone and landed the comedy-jowelled Italian in hot water with those very own feelings.

“It is a famous victory”, said his lawyer, Cochrane Baglady.

“My client has been found completely innocent of being correctly prosecuted for cynical gerrymandering and somehow is totally vindicated by this verdict”.


A lawyer, yesterday

And it was amidst this valedictory legal brouhaha that the colostomy bag lookie-likie made the now infamous declaration that his “dignity had returned” which has now caused emotional ructions within the Italian’s own psyche.

“It is an insult”, the disembodied sentiment stated angrily at her home in Wisconsin Illinois Alabama Dallas Texas, “I have not returned to him; he must return to me if I am ever to return to him.”

“It is an insult. It is disgusting. It is a disgusting insult,” she agitated.

The feeling, 60 went on to discuss at length how she had felt betrayed by the very person she should have trusted the most.

“Even before Flavio got caught engineering that [Piquet crash], I’d long since given up on him”, she admitted.

“I actually left when he wore that thong on the boat but that was just the culmination of a whole series of events that led me to conclude I couldn’t go on being mere succour for his massively embarrassing lifestyle,” she fulminated wistfully.

An inevitable reprint that fails to get either more plausible or pleasant with subsequent viewings

Briatore is said to be disappointed regarding his former emotion’s emotions and is said to be seeking a reconciliation with a number of other feelings also said to be reluctant to return as part of the embodiment of the Italian’s personality.

“Flavio is being very tight-lipped”, said a friend, “but I know he’s put out feelers to shame which he’s said he doesn’t feel any of but who left around the same time dignity did.”

“I believe he’s also courting honesty, innocence and competence though to be honest I think he’s lost all of the addresses assuming he even had half of them to lose in the first place”, he concluded.

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