“Fernando is…high fiving Flav! Nelsinho actually did it! LOL!!!” Alonso Facebook status Massa anger clue sensation

Cyber-space: the astonishing recent outburst by Ferrari driver and head-injury poster boy, Felipe Massa concerning his 2010 teammate’s involvement in the Crash Gate scandal was sensationally sparked by an errant status update on the social networking site of Fernando Alonso himself, writes our team-mate rumpus correspondent Garth Vader.

Mistakenly believing he could speak confidentially about his opinions concerning the Spaniard’s involvement in the now infamous race fixing scandal, Massa spoke candidly about his future team-mate to a bunch of pissed up talkative Brazilian journalists. During the conversation, the 2008 F1 WDC runner up allegedly suggested that he was sure Alonso had known about the controversial actions of his then team-mate Nelson Piquet Jr at the inaugural Singapore race, contradicting the Spaniard’s own protestations of innocence.

Facebook faux pas: Sozzled Spaniard social site status led to Felipe flap

And despite subsequent Ferrari-backed press statements rushed out to suggest the Brazilian definitely doesn’t think the double WDC champion is a nefarious, lying, good-for-nothing tossbag cheat who cost Massa the championship in a carefully orchestrated bit of underhand gerrymandering, evidence emerged that Massa had merely unearthed the evidence for his hunch from the perpetrator himself, Fernando Alonso.

“Ferrari were upset about future team harmony and very keen to suggest Massa was just guessing about Alonso: but they didn’t know that somebody unearthed Fernando’s Facebook status from the day after the race”, somebody close to the Brazilian but not actually the Brazilian said. “It was a schoolboy error really: Fernando was so delighted he’d got away with the driving stunt of the century he chose to tell his friends about it in the quickest way he knew how”.

It would appear that following a heavy night’s celebrations involving one too many jugs of Sangria, the victorious Renault driver logged onto his favourite electronic social blathering notice board and tipsily typed the offending text, celebrating the hoodwinking of F1 by the crafty triumvirate of Briatore, Symonds and himself.

An actor carefully reconstructs Alonso imbibe infraction, earlier today

What the otherwise technically savvy 27 year old Spaniard failed to notice however was that he had failed to set his secrecy options on and others were able to access the information leading to the embarrassing revelation and Massa’s condemnatory words barely a year later.

“It’s there in black and white”, the person who we mentioned earlier who isn’t Massa but knows him said, “well, it was. But it’s been deleted now obviously. Now it just says, “Fernando is delighted about driving for Ferrari and very much looking forward to a productive 2010 with his new best friend Felipe Massa”…well, it probably does. He’s blocked everyone and he’s not on Myspace or Twitter – I know: I’ve checked”.

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