Bourdais farewell triggers vague memories he was driving this year

Jet plane: Tuesday’s announcement by top fizzy drink peddling motorized billboard Toro Rosso that their driver, Sebastian Bourdais was to be replaced was met with a mixture of mild befuddlement and confusion.

You know: like when you go into a room and forget what you’ve gone in there for or see somebody and aren’t sure if it’s someone you knew about 10 years ago or is some actress off a TV show you don’t actually watch but they’re always advertising it just before the news.

The declaration that the Canadian ― or is it French? ― bloke was leaving F1, rippled up and down the paddock triggering a variety of reactions among those that could remember that one with the glasses who drives for that other fizzy drink team.

Wotsisface going back to thingummybobland, yesterday

These included:

  • A shrug of the shoulders
  • Raised eyebrows
  • That frown you do when you don’t care much and stick out your lower lip to overlap slightly with your top one whilst sucking the air in through the side of your mouth

A pitlane regular commented, “it is really sad…probably”.

“We will all really miss err…you know. He’s been a bit hard done by, hasn’t he? Has he? Or maybe he hasn’t.”

“Anyway, we’ll all ― well, I’ll ― miss him. Good old…Thingummyjig,” he added looking quizzically up into the sky for inspiration that wasn’t coming any time soon.

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