Misplaced accountancy investment prompts Williams, Force India FIA writ

Rui Costa: Williams and Force India have launched legal proceedings against the FIA after the governing body’s proposed budget cap plan for 2010 collapsed.

Following weeks of expensive shouting, the decision of the FIA not to proceed with mandatory budget caps for all competing F1 teams was met with anger by the 2 teams dumb enough to think it might actually happen, writes our spreadsheet correspondent, Ferdinand Vlookup III.

The writs seek to claim back monies the 2 teams had invested in the belief the cap would be mandatory, in high tech, cutting edge accountancy practices like complex offshore tax arrangements, mark-to-market forecasts and abacuses of carbon fibre and titanium.

William’s hope to trump Mclaren’s accounting system in 2010, foiled

Thought to give them a head start for the following season’s statement scrutineering the teams are now facing the prospect that these investments are now only good enough for the spreadsheet scrap yard, however.

An insider commented, “they are absolutely livid.”

“The purchase of additional Microsoft Excel licences alone would have cost several hundred pounds and that’s before you’ve got onto the really big dot-matrix printers and massive amounts of computer paper required to add up all their spending.”

The impressive equipment, which experts believe can count at the speed of light and do pivot tables at the speed of sound may ultimately prove merely to add to the litter of white elephant F1 history however, along with the famous Lotus 88 dual chassis, Brabham Fan car, Tony Jardine and 32bit Sega Saturn.

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