F1 cost cutting meeting to focus on cutting cost from cost cutting meetings

F1 teams have vowed to rethink their profligate attitudes and reduce spending dramatically on future gatherings dealing with how the teams should reduce spending, in between moments when they were jetting off to other meetings to discuss lowering spending on other stuff.

Toasting the assembled members from a cut glass 24 carat gold embossed goblet retrieved during the 12th Century crusades in the Emperor’s Debauchery suite at the Metropole Palace Hotel in Monaco, Max Mosley warned of possible grim times ahead.

F1 chiefs urged to cut ludicrous spending levels down to about throat height

“The world is entering a new phase of austerity,” the FIA head intoned sonorously over the sound of bubbling Kristal champagne.

“And we must reflect this new mood or run the risk of being thought of as an irrelevant bunch of ridiculously out of touch, offensively rich, arrogant scum-fucks. This threat must be taken seriously or – oh look; here’s our caviar”.

Following oysters and roast swan washed down with a dozen magnums of Krug followed by truffles served on Supermodels acting as tables, the teams later agreed to spend a bit less, maybe on the food or perhaps the location?

Capri’s quite nice and Flavio’s got a yacht there so that would be very pleasant for everyone wouldn’t it? they agreed in between lolling about expelling some of the most expensive human gas of all time.

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