Mosley admits running the FIA, “an absurd thing to do”

In a wide ranging interview with top student paper the Guardian, Max Mosley has revealed he had been interested in running the FIA long before attaining the top job in motor sport admitting, “long before I became head [of the FIA] I’d been secretly administrating though I’d never been caught”.

“It’s an absurd thing to do, looked at in any rational way”, he continued, “but the FIA is an absurd institution: it’s very strange; a completely animal thing that nobody really understands. To anybody who’s not into it it’s an absurd activity. Like for example, being a race steward is absurd to anybody who’s not into it”, he philosophised.

Mosley relaxes prior to important FIA-type business

Mosley also revealed that although he is often criticised as being dictatorial he is not actually a dictator – like his dad wanted to be.

“It is ridiculous”, he admitted, “clearly there’s an element of control but I’m not a control freak. It’s a different thing. Although I exercise my power in a way that looks, sounds and feels like I’m being dictatorial I’m not a dictator.

“Other people look at it and say, “he’s telling us what to do all the time and forcing through rules and regulations without any consultation” but if I yell at my butler to pick up a grotty pair of scuds I’ve thrown carelessly about the room after my latest 5-in-a-cell romp he knows I’m not being a dictator but merely reflecting the master servant relationship. And that’s what running the FIA is like. Legally you can argue it’s dictatorial but morally the teams deserve it”, it’s reported as him having said.

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