FIA deny witch hunt as Mclaren kyboshed by blue ink appeal form gaffe

Outside ducking stool shop, clutching faggots & firelighters: Denying there was any bias in recent adjudications, chief FIA official and defender of the motoring sports kingdom Maximillian Mosley called together an assembly of all likeminded and concerned citizens to the justice ministry in Paris whereupon, to a hushed and terrible silence borne forth amidst dreadful turmoil and absurd imputations he descended from his great steed, unfurled a scroll and read from it great truths concerning recent terrible and heinous accusations.

Broomstick prejudice at Place de la Concorde

“In this, the 13th day of the 9th month, year of our Lord 2000 and 8, we find the already heretical team of convicted heathen and known Anti-Christ, Ronald Dennis GUILTY of appalling crimes of Godless mendacity & irreligious-hued scribing and thenceforth they are denied recourse to the articles of law they seek being as it is agreed that their silver receptacles of pagan idolatry doth transmit the very spirit of Beezelbub, denying the everlasting beauty of scarlet which doth streaketh with a heavenly glow and cover everything with God’s great love.

“Therefore they shall henceforth be smote from our very eyes and complimentary coffees and pastries shall be denied at all future gatherings for ever and ever, amen.”

Whereupon he didst close the scroll and with much imposing authority and fearful patience; he re-mounted his gallant charger and lit a torch to spearhead his righteous journey west unto the setting sun and Woking whereupon it is alleged the devilish hordes dwell in atheist debauchery and Gomorrah, just off the A320 Chertsey Road.

10 minutes later, the General returned and issued further notice that they should also remember to fill the forms out in upper case next time and cut out all the sloppy spelling and punctuation or stake burning would be too bloody good for them, quite frankly.

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