Wasp incursion prompts Massa breakfast table exit

Felipe Massa was forced to leave a freshly prepared bowl of muesli and dried apricots when a wasp flew within range of his Hockenheim breakfast table.

Shaken but unharmed during the incident, the 27 year old Brazilian was nonetheless forced to abandon his roughage-based start to the day and grab a breakfast bap from a nearby stall instead.

An observer observed, “a number of us were having breakfast on Sunday morning with Felipe as part of a sponsor deal and were just tucking in when Felipe suddenly yelped and vaulted from the table. We didn’t know what was going on until somebody recognised one of the words he was yelling in Portugese as, “wasp”.

The wasp, yesterday

The black and yellow insect buzzed round the Ferrari driver’s vacant chair in irregular loops for several seconds paying particular attention to his freshly squeezed orange juice before eventually leaving.

Though the Brazilian attempted briefly to regain the initiative by swatting it away with his cap he only managed to accidentally knock over a milk jug instead leaving the bothersome stinging insect fundamentally unharmed.

By contrast, fellow championship contender Lewis Hamilton was said to have enjoyed his breakfast despite being invaded by an entire swarm of African killer bees.

The young Englishman refused to leave his bowl of porridge even as the horde of massive angry, stinging insects descended; nonchalantly ushering them away with a spoon he had previously been stirring his cappuccino with.

Kimi Raikkonnen, was said not to have been involved in any kind of breakfast brouhaha meanwhile leading to speculation he is tiring of the meal instead looking to replace it with elevenses or perhaps an extra herring for lunch.

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