Max Mosley story to become musical

London’s Theatreland: Top impresarios from the world of greasepaint and shirt lifting are said to be turning Max Mosley’s life into a musical to rival the most popular ever seen on Broadway such as West Side Story, Les Miserables and On the Buses!

The touching story of riches to slightly more riches promises to be a real crowd pleaser; from his family’s struggles to make ends meet flitting between three European homes and a yacht, to the squalor of Millfield boarding school in rural Somerset; the destitution of a family scholarship subsidised Christ Church Oxford University education before – finally and heroically – making it to the bright lights of F1 wherein lay power, fame, fortune and gang bangs with prossies dressed as prison camp guards.

Like this but with fewer Nazis…probably

Whilst a date has not been set for the release, there is a definite buzz of excitement amongst the singing uphill gardeners of London’s West End.

“It has all the ingredients of the best Musicals”, theatre critic Chris Fingers commented.

“Great drama and intrigue amongst the wealthy and powerful; ambition, sex, romance, and of course – fascism.”

But just because it sounds good on paper doesn’t mean it will look good sonically.

“Even if we take all those things I’ve mentioned as great ingredients”, Fingers continued, “like a cake it still needs an oven and the oven in this case is good songs. And a narrative. And some decent actors and singers. Unless the ingredients make up a Gazpacho soup in which case I don’t know how this metaphor works.”

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