Hamilton calamity betting latest: celestial contretemps is pole-position for Silverstone

Ladbrokes: Yet more off-track kafuffles involving Britain’s for-the-time-being favourite F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton have resulted in a rush of betting prior to July’s British Grand Prix.

But unlike most sporting events in which punters merely try and guess the outcome of the contest, those placing bets for the Silverstone event have turned instead to predicting the latest likely mishap to befall the McLaren driver.

Commented top bookmaker to the stars Vincent Porkscratching bets have taken a peculiar turn following recent Hamilton Grand Prix hoo-ha.

“Usually we have a flurry of wagers on who’s going to win at Silverstone but this year we’ve been inundated with a request for odds against how Lewis is going to come a cropper”, Vincent yelled over the cacophony of fruit machines in his Green Lanes arcade.

“With the races proving to be quite predictable it seems as though Lewis is the only thing so unpredictable it’s worth trying to predict what he will do next by making a bet on it! No…that’s not right is it?” he continued.

Worth a flutter?

And following recent shenanigans with walls, competitors, red lights, pop tarts and the media it’s perhaps no surprise* to learn that everything from a blown engine to extra-terrestrial catastrophe are considered possible endings for Stevenage’s until-somebody-else-turns-up favourite son this Silverstone.

But if one thing is certain – and it might not be but if it is – what is certain – or not – is the unpredictability of Lewis Hamilton! (And betting).

*it is actually

Full Silverstone Hamilton hamstrung odds

Asteroid impact Evens
Alonso/Kimi/Other WC
Contender Crash
Collision with anybody else (Bar) 4-1
Roadworks on M40 7-4
Blatantly partisan Stewards Enquiry 4-2
Ambushed by Spanish division
of KKK/ BNP kidnap
Lack of breakdown cover 40-1
Mechanical failure 50-1
Mistaken attack by off course
Taliban-seeking US drone
Armageddon 100-1

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