Satirists facing reality usurpation

My computer: Would be satirists, jokers, japesters and those looking for wry amusement in F1 at every juncture were last night counting the cost of a story that threatened to turn jocular irony itself into a thing of ridicule. Or irony.

Max Mosley’s sordid exposure as an apparent proto-sadist, Nazi-eulogizing multi-prossie gang-banger has according to some comedy experts, spelt the end of irony in F1 as we know it.

“The impeccable character with moral and legal gravitas albeit with a murky, fascist background has often been the grist to the ironic mill of F1 japery,” Professor Barry Chuckle of the University of Slipping on a Banana Skin commented.

That joke isn’t funny anymore; it’s too close to home and too near the…etc.

“Unfortunately, once the grandiloquence has been undermined on the back of SS uniformed arse-slapping complete with comedy German accents what is known as a “catastrophic dereliction of incongruent realities” takes place or, in layman’s terms “something way funnier than you could ever even hope to make up”, happens.

At this point, anyone trying to be funny in an additional, unrelated way is – I’m sorry to say – completely fucked,” he added before tripping and falling downstairs straight into a bucket of tinsel.

Despite the apparent despair at all reality appearing to happen automatically postmodern rather than waiting to be interpreted as such, comics and people who think they’re funny vowed to press on.

“I don’t care”, Pitflaps contributor Peter Sissons, parried: “it may seem that the head of the FIA beating the arses of ladies of the night in what appears to be an Allo! Allo! pastiche is way more amusing than say, a joke about Toyota not being very good despite having lots of money but so are most things and it hasn’t stopped me for 5 issues,” he commented in probably the most post-modern article it would be possible to write, I’d have thought.

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