Ron Dennis Faustian pact, “not panning out as hoped”

River Styx: Ron Dennis has admitted his 2006 pact with Beelzebub to improve Mclaren’s speed for the forthcoming season may ultimately have backfired in unanticipated ways.

Responding to questions about why he was still in a position to be standing there answering their questions, McLaren-just-about-CEO Ron Dennis stated to journalists that he may have taken one too many gambles selling his soul to the One Who Walks Backwards in return for a shot at the 2007 World Championship.

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Amidst the ashes of his team, marriage, reputation and fireplace Dennis attempted to put a shiny Mclaren gloss on affairs,

“In 2006 our achievements were not optimised to the level we had planned as a company.”

“Facing critical factors that may ultimately have adversely affected 2007 performance quartiles I took the decision to balance risk against positive fulfillment upswing with what I felt was an excellent opportunity to optimise our operational capabilities.”

“I have to admit now however, that I may have been naïve to trust that the contract sacrificing my everlasting and eternal being to the Prince of Darkness would be honoured entirely as I anticipated,” the po-faced CEO stated.

The shiny-pated millionaire went on to deny that the Prince of Darkness initially appeared to him in the shape of Nigel Stepney; tempting him with first a printed document, then CD and finally DVD of allegedly useful information.

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