Ethnic Minority Groups in Mosley-endorsement-irony: Ecclestone stops counting money long enough to call for calm

Mississippi Burning: Splay-legged, resplendent in ivory white 3 piece suit and matching Stetson, Bernard Ecclestone esq. sought yesterday to dampen certain ardours regarding the coloured issue, addressing busy yet concerned towns-folk outside the Paris FIA HQ yesterday.

“Laydeez en jenul’men”, he opined, “it may not have escaped the notiss ah y’ll that we’hiz currunly facin’ an itty-bitty problim. An itty-bitty problim; wid a black fayss.

“Nah; ah know we a’ll gada tradishuns and histreez and dis here is boun’ to git a latta people a little uppity: god knows wen I hurd wat wuz bein’ propozed ah was meaner danna polecat ina swormah beez

Alonso supporters: “what have we done now?”

“But as God is my widness, waht happened this lassye’ya has bin nuttin’ shurea mirror’cur. Who amongst us cudda foreseen it? A knee-grow winnin’ raysus! An nat juss winnin’ raysus but been ass calm an’ colletted as..well: ass any white main. Why: he’s bin jus as pul’hat as a virginal milkin’ maid; nidur stealin’ nor cussin’ nor complainin: nut wunz!

“So, ass unbelievable as dissis – and shurely eetiss. We juss gotter aksep dis heeya me’acul ass God een-tented an’ git along toe geddah. Soh cummahn: less embrace dis heeya-coon an’ shay’k heeyam warmly bydur han’, rem -memrin duh washum afferwood uff cuz.”

Mr Hamilton, meanwhile reacted warmly to the generosity of Mr Ecclestone.

“Oh lordy, lord! Dat’s de troot, mistah! Dohne hurd meh suh!!! Dohne hurd meh suh!! Oh lordy!! Mussy meh!”*, he issued in a statement.

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