Hamilton sensation: re-boot/undo confusion cost world championship

Interlagos: the world of F1 was left stunned last night by Lewis Hamilton’s amazing confession revealing what really happened when his McLaren unexpectedly cut-out for a crucial 30 seconds during the championship finale.

“I’m gutted”, he may or may not have said to a journalist who may or may not have been able to speak English.

“I was cycling through the software on my steering wheel trying to find the Undo command for the mistake I made running off the road behind Fernando but accidentally pressed ctrl, Alt and Delete instead. I’d forgotten that Undo is actually ctrl and Z and of course, the car stopped,” he probably exclaimed, slapping himself on the forehead to feign annoyance at such a schoolboy error, I’d imagine.

Lewis Hamilton Mclaren cuts out Brazil 2007
Mclaren Engineers Re-Enact the crucial error

“It’s not a mistake I’ve made before” the journalist added, “but I should have learnt from a similar error I made in China when I came into the pits too fast and had forgotten I’d left the crash settings on and ended up ploughing off the road”.

Mclaren who refused to comment then did, have vowed to make such mistakes a thing of the past by putting a big sticker on the steering wheel saying, “DO NOT TOUCH!!” in great big pink flashing neon letters and going on and on about it in debriefings.

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