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  • Fernando Alonso

    Annual Alonso sanity check begins

    Fernando Alonso ‘s annual Autumn public mental health check has re-started. The Spaniard is coming to the end of his 5th consecutive season with Ferrari which surely only a mental case or Michael Schumacher would contemplate extending? Mental health pundit Jimmy Madnuts commented, “Fernando has just passed a momentous 500 days since he last got

  • FIA

    FIA to make drivers get out and push

    F1’s governing body are to make drivers push their cars round the remaining Grand Prix tracks. The FIA said they were ruddy sick of all these highly paid prima donnas prancing about the globe like the great they are when all they were doing was driving cars that was easier than like doing Nintendo XBox

  • F1 - 2014 - Rosberg luck

    Rosberg upsets Hindu Goddess

    Nico Rosberg has done something to upset Jyestha, the Hindu Goddess of misfortune. Just when it seemed he’d got the upper hand in the use of horseshoes and lucky rabbits’ feet, the young German’s luck ran out at the Singapore Grand Prix when some kettle flex holding his car’s steering wheel together mysteriously caught fire.

  • F1 - 2014 - Ferrari F14T

    Shitty things about this Ferrari obscuring shittest thing, say team

    So many things are wrong with the F14T, Ferrari can’t tell what the worst thing is. The Maranello squad admitted they’ve thrown in the towel trying to figure out what to fix first what with the whole car seeming to be pretty equally piss poor. New boss Mario Mattiachi admitted, “Ferrari has prided itself on

  • Mclaren

    Mclaren accidentally sign Marc Marquez

    Mclaren have accidentally landed Marc Marquez for the 2015 F1 season. The Woking concern revealed they hired the 21 year old Moto GP sensation following its superstar blunderbuss recruitment strategy. Returning chairman Ron Dennis droned on, “despite what it might look like, Mclaren are committed to excellence in every area.” All I said was, “I’ve

  • F1 2014 andre lotterer caterham

    Lotterer revives 30-something male pipe dream

    Men in their mid to late 30’s have been allowed once again to imagine it’s somehow not too late to get to F1. The mildly obese male singleton Top Gear fan demographic was thrown the illusory bone by Caterham’s unexpected hiring of 32 year old ‘veteran’ Andre Lotterer at the recent Belgian Grand Prix. Demographic-matching

  • F1 2014 daniel ricciardo belgian grand prix

    Ricciardo won some races, apparently

    Some of the 2014 F1 races have been won by Daniel Ricciardo in a Red Bull, it’s been revealed. The 25 year old Antipodean crossed the finish line before anyone else in up to 3 of this season’s races without anybody noticing; despite having so many teeth he can veer ships onto the rocks by