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  • F1: hitler mercedes gp hamilton

    Hamilton luck: historical Mercedes prejudice link

  • Unfettered triumphalism proves Nico's not German, agree experts

    Unfettered triumphalism proves Nico’s not German, agree experts

    Nico Rosberg being so keen to big up German sporting achievements proves Nico Rosberg’s not German, experts have agreed. The son of ex-World F1 champion, Keke not only bigged up his own victory at last weekend’s German Grand Prix but had previously tried to have his helmet customised in celebration of the country’s recent triumph in

  • FRIC F1 suspension

    FRIC threatening F1 friendship

    An F1 fan friendship between two 30-something men is under threat when one admitted to the other he neither understood nor cared about the FRIC suspension issue. The difference in interest was described as a “chasm” by Bill Woolard who found the whole front to rear interconnected suspension technology, “really interesting” and “the sort of

  • John Button watching the tennis

    John Button, “watching the tennis”

    John Button didn’t notice all the people wearing pink in his honour at Silverstone because he was busy watching the tennis. The now 6 month dead co-progenitor of Mclaren driver son Jenson meant to tune in for the race but got his dates mixed up and watched the men’s Wimbledon singles final instead. Said the

  • Vettel dad to take on Alonso dad

    Vettel dad to take on Alonso dad

    Sebastian Vettel’s dad is going to beat up Fernando Alonso’s dad, it’s been revealed. The quadruple champion announced the match up on Twitter after he’d just about had enough of his Spanish rival for one Grand Prix, thankyou very much. Said the Red Bull pilot via the social media shout-app, “vater gunna giv jose luis