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  • Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg

    Lewis purchases magnanimous insurance face

    Lewis Hamilton is getting a spare face with a magnanimous expression made in case he loses the F1 World Drivers title to Nico Rosberg. The 29 year old has attempted to look like he totally accepts every now and then getting beaten by his German counterpart but instead can only pull a face like the

  • nico rosberg double points

    Does this Double Cheeseburger count as well, asks Rosberg?

    Nico Rosberg is desperately hoping the double cheeseburger he just consumed means he now gets *4* times as many points in the season closing Abu Dhabi race. Or he is going to have to do a really big poo. Said the half German, half Swiss, 100% blonde bombshell, “double points makes no sense to me

  • Red Bul Racing Abu Dhabi 2014

    Red Bull gives you Springs!!!

  • Ron Dennis Christian Horner - F1 2014

    Dennis determined to out-arsehole Horner

    Ron Dennis is absolutely committed to being Formula 1’s top ballbag no matter what anyone else does – apart from Bernie Ecclestone. The 67 year old head of Mclaren announced he was going to keep his 2 current drivers dangling just long enough to totally fuck their immediate and probably future careers not because he

  • marussia caterham megatron

    Marussia and Caterham Megatron merge attempt ends in failure

    Marussia’s attempt to join up with the Caterham team and become Megatron, failed when it couldn’t get out of Abu Dhabi customs. The red and black team was planning on driving across the desert looking a lot like a series of F1 logistics trucks then sort of mechanically merging with its green rival and rearranging

  • caterham abu dhabi grand prix 2014

    Caterham unsure what twice fuck-all is

    Caterham aren’t sure if finishing last at Abu Dhabi means finishing twice as good as that or you get a bonus point just for turning up or if it means nothing still or what the fuck? The strugglingly dead Norfolk concern hoodwinked convinced over 6,000 lunatics punters to back the outfit in its bid to

  • bernie ecclestone: F1 doesn't need young fans

    F1 to pursue Bingo and Sanatogen backing

    F1 is going all out to acquire sponsorship for its key audience of nearly-dead wealthied pensioners. The multi-billion dollar global sport being that thing because billions of people have given it billions of dollars from around the world over the years has caused problems for people whose job it is to keep people doing that.