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  • Nico Hulkenberg Force India

    Hulkenberg extends normal working life simulator contract

    Nico Hulkenberg has decided to continue his role emulating the frustrating life of a typical everyday man. The 27 year old has been gradually perfecting the giant, sit-in, everyday life-emulating device – known as the Depressnacon – ever since he thought he’d made it to F1 over 4 years ago. Said the German,”rather than striving for

  • jolyon and jonathan palmer

    Jolyon Palmer confident of future medical career

    New GP2 champion Jolyon Palmer is confident he has a glittering medical career in front of him. The 23 year old son of ex-Formula 1 driver Jonathan Palmer clinched the championship at the series’ 10th Round in Sochi with his 4th victory, celebrating with a bottle of champagne and a Medical school application form. Said

  • Russian Grand Prix

    Putin brilliant, says Horner

    Vladimir Putin is fucking brilliant, according to Christian Horner. The 62 year old Russian President is currently one of the world’s most controversial leaders despite definitely not invading other countries, authorising the assassination of critics, creating a nascent Mafia state, lining his own pockets and those of friends and relatives or generally doing bad stuff

  • Sochi Grand Prix

    Smoking, drinking and womanising weekend lined up, says F1 contingent

    Fellas are all gonna be fellas this weekend, F1 has announced. The high octane, hairy chested jamboree strode into the Eastern European autocracy this week ready to kick the shit out of Russia’s inaugural Grand Prix, maybe over a beer and a fag. Blatantly heterosexual head of the sport’s governing body, Jean Todt said, “I’m

  • Fernando Alonso

    Annual Alonso sanity check begins

    Fernando Alonso ‘s annual Autumn public mental health check has re-started. The Spaniard is coming to the end of his 5th consecutive season with Ferrari which surely only a mental case or Michael Schumacher would contemplate extending? Mental health pundit Jimmy Madnuts commented, “Fernando has just passed a momentous 500 days since he last got

  • FIA

    FIA to make drivers get out and push

    F1’s governing body are to make drivers push their cars round the remaining Grand Prix tracks. The FIA said they were ruddy sick of all these highly paid prima donnas prancing about the globe like the great they are when all they were doing was driving cars that was easier than like doing Nintendo XBox

  • F1 - 2014 - Rosberg luck

    Rosberg upsets Hindu Goddess

    Nico Rosberg has done something to upset Jyestha, the Hindu Goddess of misfortune. Just when it seemed he’d got the upper hand in the use of horseshoes and lucky rabbits’ feet, the young German’s luck ran out at the Singapore Grand Prix when some kettle flex holding his car’s steering wheel together mysteriously caught fire.